Photographer: Tony Simons Photography

Venue: Wooly’s

Let me set the scene for you…

It’s a chilly October night in Iowa – half rainy and a little windier than I’d like it to be.

But on this night, there’s a sense of invincibility in the air, mixed with a hint of me questioning my life’s decisions and what led me to be here in this alleyway, smoking this joint, preparing to risk life, limb, and camera gear in what is sure to be the bloodiest extravaganza I’ve ever photographed (since last year’s GWAR concert, anyway). Inside of Wooly’s, there are about 350 blood-thirsty souls, eagerly awaiting the bloodbath ahead.

There isn’t much that can prepare one for photographing a concert of this nature. You simply strap on a rain sleeve, duck and cover, and hope for the best.

And that’s exactly what I did.

The moment the Scumdogs Of The Universe took the stage, chaos ensued. It took only 30 seconds before the blood started flowing from the chest of a dude in an oversized police officer outfit while the band began melting faces with the crowd favorite, “Fuck This Place“. Next, they rolled right into the classic track, “Sick of You“, while turning up the blood spray even more. Surprisingly enough, my white shirt is still completely spotless at this point.

Next up, there’s another skit with the cop, which leads us into the song, “Krakdown“. The GWAR slaves are running around the stage, passing back and forth between them what looks to be a giant “crack rock”.

Entertainment at its absolute finest, folks!

At this point, my three songs in the photo pit are done, and it’s time for me to exit stage left. White shirt still spotless, because I am a ninja.

It’s time for me to move to the back so I can fully comprehend the entire scene unfolding around me.

Blood, Puss, and Alien Jizz – What Is There NOT To Like Here?

Throughout the rest of GWAR’s blistering 17-song setlist, the energy never died down a bit – nor did the fake blood/puss/alien jizz. With the amount of liquid on the ground and the non-stop circle pit bruising the floor all night, I’m shocked there weren’t any major slip-and-fall injuries, although I did see one lady get completely leveled by a stray mosher.

Luckily, she wasn’t hurt and the crowd got her back up on her feet almost immediately. And, she didn’t seem to mind a bit.

I like her style.

From seeing a GWAR slave bent over and a gigantic pole inserted into his “anus”, to a fake Donald Trump performing “fellatio” on Blothar The Berserker, it’s almost impossible to encapsulate the insanity that went down at Wooly’s last night with written words. So, have a look at my photos from the show and see for yourself.

GWAR – Use Your Collusion Tour

Last night was insane, my friends. And if you’ve never treated yourself to a GWAR show, you’re not living life to the fullest.

PS – I didn’t make it out unscathed. Once I was done shooting and tucked my camera away, I couldn’t resist getting a little bloody.

When in Rome, right?

Tony Simons Bloody After The GWAR Show


GWAR – Use Your Collusion Tour Setlist

  1. War Pigs – (Black Sabbath Intro)
  2. Fuck This Place
  3. Sick Of You
  4. Krakdown
  5. Maggots
  6. Metal Metal Land
  7. Hail, Genocide!
  8. Have You Seen Me?
  9. Beat You To Death
  10. I, Bonesnapper
  11. If I Could Be That
  12. Bring Back The Bomb
  13. Death To Dickie Duncan
  14. Ham On The Bone
  15. I’ll Be Your Monster
  16. Battle Maximus
  17. GWAR Theme
  18. If You Want Blood (You Got It) – AC/DC Cover


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