Photographer: Tony Simons Photography

Venue: Wooly’s

Switchblade Saturdays

Des Moines, if you’re not already down with Switchblade Saturdays, this is your official warning:

These dudes aren’t fucking around.

I had the pleasure of shooting their show at Wooly’s this past Wednesday night, and I was blown away to find out there from right here in the 515.

I’m tellin’ ya, this place never ceases to amaze me when it comes to the music scene. From worldwide acts to local bands that kick major ass, there’s no denying that central Iowa (and the whole state, for that matter) loves to jam.

Switchblade Saturday’s set was awesome. They opened up for New Years Day – but it won’t be long before this band will be consistently at the top of a bill.

Mark my words.

Also worth mentioning, they had EXCELLENT stage lighting. Much more photo-friendly than the rest of the bands that played.

Conceived in fire, from the ashes of The Albino Spiders, is the cult- Switchblade Saturdays. An ambitiously hard-hitting band, well-traveled, with a strong foundation within their home base, Des Moines, IA.

Switchblade Saturdays is known for their amazing live show, dark imagery and stage presence with a passionate background anthem haunting of love, loss, death, and life.

Switchblade has woven their blood into every lyric and every melody, “We bring the crowd into our music the way a phantom entices it’s prey…we play every show as if it were our last, with a vengeance!” hisses Zarrie Solum, lead vocalist/bassist and founding member. “Our fans are our family and blood!!” says Switchblade, who’s fans are reminiscent of a cult or gang displaying the Switchblade Saturdays logo patches, buttons, and bandanna’s.

Pumping fists, chanting, singing, fans hang onto every harrowing word of talented lead singer Zarrie. The music is brought into harmonious alignment with Josh Darnell on guitar / background vocals and rounded out with Ben Watson thundering rhythms only ones’ heart could dream.

Band members

  • Zarrie Solum– Vox/Bass
  • Josh Darnell– Vox/Strings
  • Ben Watson– Drums

Switchblade Saturdays

Somethings Should Never Be Forgotten

For more information, head over to the band’s Facebook page.


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