Boston metalcore group, Ice Nine Kills, are back with a brand new video called IT Is The End, and this time they’ve brought horror icon, Pennywise (from the movie IT), along with them.

 “Originally a novel by Stephen King, two very different films (both equally as brilliant) have been adapted for the screen. Jovial and friendly at first, Pennywise can switch to the embodiment of evil at the drop of a hat, so I wanted to capture that as best as I could in my vocal performance and in the video clip. Perhaps my favorite song on the album, it features incredible guest performances from two of my favorite bands of all time, LESS THAN JAKE and FENIX TXWill Salazar of FT, who co-wrote the chorus with me, does guest vocals and JR and Buddy from LTJ provide the sinister circus like horn section that enhances the twisted carnival of carnage that is Pennywise.” – Spencer Charnas (Ice Nine Kills vocalist)

Via: Blabbermouth

The video is more of a short film, weighing it at 14:17. Check it out below:

Ice Nine Kills – IT Is The End

Ice Nine Kills has been tearing it up lately. I had the pleasure of shooting their show at Wooly’s a while back, and that was the first time I’d heard of them. Turns out they were super photo-friendly, rock a killer stage show, and sounded damn good in the process.

It’ll be cool to see how their career plays out.

Any INK fans following us?

Let us know what you think of the new video in the comment thread.

Feature image by Tony Simons Photography


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