Everlast, the versatile musician whose style ranges from blues to hip hop to rock, has released a music video for his new track, Smokin’ And Drinkin’.

The video, directed by Estevan Oriol and produced by Manny Jiminez Sr, is set in a bar and features a bunch of random strangers… Well… Smoking and drinking.

Visually, there’s not much to the video, but the song itself is pretty catchy, with Whitey Ford proclaiming that he’s “on his bullshit, just wasting his time”.

Check out the track below – and try not to take too many tokes in the process.

Everlast – Smokin And Drinkin

You can also check out his latest album, Everlast Presents: Whitey Ford’s House Of Pain (2018) below:


  1. One Of Us
  2. The Culling
  3. It Ain’t Easy
  4. The Climb (Interlude)
  5. Slow Your Roll (FT. Aloe Blacc)
  6. Smokin’ And Drinkin’
  7. Oooohh (I Don’t Need You) (FT Slug)
  8. Summer Rain (Interlude)
  9. Summer Rain
  10. Don’t Complain
  11. Break It Down
  12. Break It Down (Interlude)
  13. Heartbeat
  14. Dream State

What do you think of the new track?

Also, anyone remember when this guy had beef with Eminem back in the day?

Drop us a comment in the thread below to share your thoughts!


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