Photographer: Tony Simons Photography

Venue: Wooly’s


In an age of skinny jeans and lo-fi convolution it would seem to many that rock and roll has been lost or is dead. People talk fondly of golden ages when tone, lyrical content and a testosterone filled moxie ruled the airwaves with a heavy metal fist; as if they are speaking a eulogy to an art. Rock and Roll  did not die, it found a home in the underground, where brothers band together and make calculated and deliberate strikes to rebel and bring back the now fabled golden age. This is the story of one of those bands, who do their part to fight with some of the best and to strive to be the best. This band of which we speak of is called SUPERCHIEF.
SUPERCHIEF was forged in 2009 in Des Moines, IA and like many weapons was amended and sharpened over the years. Jason Monroe, rhythm guitarist, experienced warrior and the founder had a vision. So he gathered the necessary resources to make that vision come to fruition. Overtime came the addition of drummer Ryan Marcum with his quick wit and quick hands; Haldor Von Hammer, who brought the power of thunder and the strength of bear; James Segovia brought the avalanche with his earth rumbling bass; and last but not least came Casey Doser who brought an Axe so mighty that Thor himself would not tempt his blade.

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