Photographer: Tony Simons Photography

Venue: Wooly’s

Green Death

In many ways, Green Death are living the heavy metal dream. The Des Moines, Iowa, quintet have risen higher in notoriety with each album, their gothic power-thrash sound scratching that perfect all-purpose metal spot with a mixture of chugging guitars, unpredictable percussion, and booming clear vocals. This year’s Hallowmass, a huge, all-in marathon of riffy anthems about Lovecraftian horrors and ancient rites, was just released on legendary and recently-reinvigorated label Combat Records, whose new benefactor, Megadeth bassist and Combat alum Dave Ellefsen, took a shine to the band, and even leant them his talents.

Via: Kerrang

Green Death is one of my favorite local bands from the Des Moines area. I’ve been a fan since they took the Lazerfest 2015 stage by storm, and it’s been full steam ahead for these guys ever since.

Here are a few of my favorites from their catalog, for those unfamiliar with the band.

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